Jalani Cow Dung Cake
Jalani Cow Dung Cake
Jalani Cow Dung Cake
Jalani Cow Dung Cake
Jalani Cow Dung Cake
Jalani Cow Dung Cake

Jalani Cow Dung Cake

Jalani Cow Dung Cake

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Cow Dung are also known as dunk cake, uple, kande, gosse or thepdi.

Cow Dung is mix of cow dung with hay ,flattened out and dried for use. Cow dung has an astonishing and myriad variety of uses:

  • Natural Fertilizer – Dried Cow Dung Cake acts as excellent natural manure for flowering plants. Cow dung ash also acts an alkaline natural fertilizer as it is basically lime with a few other minerals mixed into it. No other fertilizer in the world is as cheap and harmless as cow dung fertilizer
  • Burning of dried cow dung cakes with neem leaves or camphor purifies air. It is scientifically proven that the cow dung purifies the air and also has anti-pollutant and anti-radiation qualities.
  • Cow dung is considered very sacred for performing Yagna Hawan and in various cermani activities. Used in Havans, in combination with pure cow ghee (clarified butter) which is offered as part of rituals, Also used in Agnihotra puja.
  • Cow dung create a pure and holy atmosphere when burnt. its smook is strengthen the ozone layer which shields the earth from harmful radiation.
  • Used in cooking (as fuel).Traditional wisdom says that in burning these cow dung cakes, the temperature never rises beyond a certain point ensuring the nutrients in the food are not destroyed by overheating.
  • Cow Dung Ash - from patties/cakes used in cooking /havan also acts as an excellent -Pot cleaner –dry, it absorbs oil and fat from utensils ; wet, as a general cleaner.

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